5" High Density Foam Mattress

5" High Density Foam Mattress

These 5" High Density Foam Mattresses are super handy and affordable.

These 5" High Density Foam Mattresses are super handy and affordable.

The High Density Foam returns to its starting shape after compression giving it excellent long life retention qualities with very little change over long periods of time and heavy usage and exceptionally high resistance to deterioration through moisture.

They provide a solid, comfortable and durable sleep surface.

These mattresses are covered in a smooth polyester and cotton blend. They can be flipped and used on either side.

Perfect for bunk beds, students, cottages, camping, RV's, spare rooms or anytime a sleep surface is needed.

They are light weight and easy to transport.

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Center Support
Center Lumbar Support mattress

Provides flexibility and additional reinforcement within the core ensuring appropriate posture support while preventing the mattress from sagging.

High Density Foam
High Density Foam mattress

High Density Foam offers improved durability, strength, and support over conventional foam cores and provides a higher level of comfort.

Pocket Coil with Edge Guard
Pocket Coil mattress

Individual wrapped pocket coils are designated to reduce sleep disturbances and gives your body essential comfort and support. Edge guard support prevents a very durable overall system with a reinforced mattress edge.

Semi-Flex Foundation
Semi-Flex Foundation mattress

Wooden frame reinforced with semi-flex coil inside to provide a better support and flex the mattress while you toss and turn. The top side is covered with a special non-slip fabric, this keeps the mattress steady and prevents the mattress from moving around. Along with the mattress it completes the set and provides you with the necessary support.

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