Cool Breeze Gel Memory Foam

Cool Breeze Gel Memory Foam

Cool Breeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress in a Box
Twin/Single Cool Breeze Mattress
  • 10"  all foam mattress with several comfort layers made up of different foams for optimal comfort and cushioning.
  • A combo of 4lb cooling gel and high resilient foam at the top of the mattress offers a medium plush, encompassing feeling to the mattress. It allows you to sink, relieving all your joints from pressure, as the foam conforms to your body and evenly distributes your weight.
  • An orthopedic dream. Coupled with a thick base layer of bio foam, this mattress is the ultimate sleep, whilst also being Eco' friendly and durable. 
  • Rollable Option available


    • 2" Serene Foam; enhanced with billions of microscopic air capsules to enhanced the support properties while reducing pressure on the body.
    • 7" Soy Bio Green High Density Foam.
    • 1.5" 4lb Visco Cooling Gel
    • Gel Visco-Elastic Pressure Relief.
    • 100% Water Based Adhesive
    • Protected with Antimicrobial.
    • Removable Zippered, Washable Cotton Cover

10 Year Warranty


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